Weekly Reflection

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

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"But the wise brought flasks of oil with their lamps." The foolish versus the wise. Today's parable sets these two groups in stark contrast to one another. Two crowds of young women wait for a wedding feast. One group comes prepared for the unexpected, the other just assumes everything will go according to schedule. But it doesn't! The Bridegroom is late, and the foolish virgins are left out in the dark--literally--while the wise ones enjoy the feast inside.

The lesson here is not just about having foresight and gathering the corresponding equipment. It's about being ready for the second coming of Christ. Jesus himself is the "Bridegroom." Traditionally we refer to the Church as the "Bride of Christ" and we, as the people of God who constitute the Church, are even now awaiting the real feast, the culmination of time when Jesus returns. But are we standing among the wise or the foolish as we wait?


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Intercesión por las almas del purgatorio

Te invitamos a celebrar la Misa en Intercesión por las almas del purgatorio todas las Misas de los Miércoles a las 6:00pm.


Life is Sacred

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Mon, Nov 20 and 27 at 7:00pm in room 5 and 6.


Ten Day Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
Nov 20 - Dec 1

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Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 23

  • Bilingual Mass at 10:00am.
  • Misa Bilingüe Jueves a las 10:00am.

The Parish Office will be closed on Thu, Nov 23 & Fri, Nov 24.

Mission Parroquial con Padre Noe
Nov 27 - Nov 29 6:30pm

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