Weekly Reflection

Second Sunday of Lent

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As we march through Lent, it can be easy to think it's all about sacrifice. No chocolate, no alcohol, no meat on Fridays. Yet here, only in the second week of Lent, we have the story of the transfiguration. This reading reminds us of the "why" behind what we do. We don't fast from dessert to lose weight. We don't donate money or serve others because it's merely a nice thing to do. Lent is about transformation!


Events & Announcements

Groups, Movements and Parish Ministries - Grupos, Ministerios and Movimientos

You are invited to join any Parish Group or Ministry you feel called to. They all gladly welcome new members.


Legion of Mary Ministry

Mondays at 6:30pm at St. Augustine in room 2

To join the Bilingual Group, contact Fernando Lopez, praywithfernando@yahoo.com or 623-628-4044.


Renewal of Faith Parish Mission

Mar 18 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Expect to receive emotional, physical, spiritual, & family healing.


Celebración de San Romero

Mar 23 12:00pm

Le invitamos a la recepción después de Misa con exposición fotográfica y bocadillos Salvadoreños.

Información: 602-758-1759

Mass with Healing Service

Mar 25 6:30pm

in the Church

Please come and receive the healing power of God!

Misa de Bendición de Vientres

Mar 29 6:00pm

Para las mujeres en el embarazo y quienes desean concebir un hijo.

Jericho's Site

Mar 29 - Apr 5

7 days and nights of Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament praying to destroy all barriers that separate us from our Lord Jesus Christ.


27th Annual Charismatic Conference

Mar 30 - Mar 31

St. Paul's Catholic Church (330 W Coral Gables Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85023)

Registration: $35.00
$10.00 for Youth