Meaning of Advent


The time of Advent is a privileged period for Christians because it invites us to remember the past, it impels us to live the present and prepare the future. Advent has also a triple purpose:

Remember the past: Celebrate and contemplate the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. The Lord has already come and was born in Bethlehem. This was his coming in the flesh, full of humility and poverty. He came as one of us, a man among men. This was his first coming.

Living the present: It is about living in the present of our daily life the "presence of Jesus Christ" in us and, for us, in the world. Live always vigilant, walking in the ways of the Lord, in justice and in love.

Prepare the future: It is about preparing for the Parousia or second coming of Jesus Christ in the "majesty of his glory". Then he will come as Lord and Judge of all nations, and will reward with Heaven those who have believed in Him; lived as faithful children of the Father and good brothers of others. We await his glorious coming that will bring us salvation and eternal life without suffering.

In the Gospel, Jesus Christ speaks several times of the Parousia and tells us that nobody knows the day or the hour in which it will happen. For this reason, the Church invites us in Advent to prepare for this moment through revision and projection:

Take care of your faith-This is a time of year when we will be "bombarded" by advertising to buy all kinds of things, we will be invited to many parties. All this can lead us to forget the true meaning of Advent. Let us strive to live this liturgical time with depth, with the Christian sense. Let us live the Christmas of the Lord rejoicing in his arrival for the salvation of our soul and that of our loved ones.