Office & Mass Times

Monday - Thursday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm (Noon)

Mar 21 - Thursday
8:30 am Mass
6:00 pm Mass (Español)
Mar 22 - Friday
8:30 am Mass
Mar 23 - Saturday
4:30 pm Mass (Vigil Mass, English)
6:00 pm Mass (Vigil Mass, Español)
Mar 24 - Sunday
7:00 am Mass (Español)
9:00 am Mass (English)
11:00 am Mass (Español)
1:00 pm Mass (Español)
5:00 pm Mass (Español)
7:00 pm Mass (Español)
Mar 25 - Monday
8:30 am Mass
Mar 26 - Tuesday
8:30 am Mass
6:00 pm Mass
Mar 27 - Wednesday
8:30 am Mass
6:00 pm Mass (Español)


From the Pastor

ACCEPTABLE TIME…. Lent time of GRACE..!!!

03-06-2019Fr. Carlos A. Gomez-Rivera

Family in Christ;

We began this liturgical time to growth spiritually and to move near God. Self-Discipline and restrain from our appetites, helps to detach our personal weaknesses from this world and to attach in a better way to the Heart of Jesus. Lent helps to focus not in ourselves but in Christ, His message, the mystery of his Death and Resurrection. Lent helps us to look up to heaven and to understand that we are passing from this world. Our lives are short and we should live holy lives.


Upcoming Events

Groups, Movements and Parish Ministries - Grupos, Ministerios and Movimientos

You are invited to join any Parish Group or Ministry you feel called to. They all gladly welcome new members.


Legion of Mary Ministry

Mondays at 6:30pm at St. Augustine in room 2

To join the Bilingual Group, contact Fernando Lopez, or 623-628-4044.


Renewal of Faith Parish Mission

Mar 18 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Expect to receive emotional, physical, spiritual, & family healing.


Celebración de San Romero

Mar 23 12:00pm

Le invitamos a la recepción después de Misa con exposición fotográfica y bocadillos Salvadoreños.

Información: 602-758-1759