Office & Mass Times

Monday - Thursday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm (Noon)

Jan 23 - Wednesday
8:30 am Mass
6:00 pm Mass (Español)
Jan 24 - Thursday
8:30 am Mass
6:00 pm Mass (Español)
Jan 25 - Friday
8:30 am Mass
Jan 26 - Saturday
4:30 pm Mass (Vigil Mass, English)
6:00 pm Mass (Vigil Mass, Español)
Jan 27 - Sunday
7:00 am Mass (Español)
9:00 am Mass (English)
11:00 am Mass (Español)
1:00 pm Mass (Español)
5:00 pm Mass (Español)
7:00 pm Mass (Español)
Jan 28 - Monday
8:30 am Mass
Jan 29 - Tuesday
8:30 am Mass
6:00 pm Mass


From the Pastor

New Time... Ordinary, but Extraordinary!

01-20-2019Fr. Carlos A. Gomez-Rivera

Beloved family in Christ,

The Lord in his Divine Providence provided for you and me to be here in this New Year 2019. Every human person, every family, every corporation and organization have plans and set goals to fulfill for this new year.

As believers in Christ, we should have had our own plans, hope and dreams. Life continues moving ahead and with God’s help we should move forward to seek Christ within ourselves and in our neighbor. Christ is the Light of the World and came to set our lives free from slavery of sin to His wonderful life. His invitation continues being the same: “Come to me those who labor and I will give you rest”.


Upcoming Events

Groups, Movements and Parish Ministries - Grupos, Ministerios and Movimientos

You are invited to join any Parish Group or Ministry you feel called to. They all gladly welcome new members.


Offering Envelopes

Visit us at the office to pick up your 2019 offering envelopes and your calendar.
Visitenos en la oficina para recojer sus sobres para la colecta del 2019 junto con su calendario.

Image of St. Joseph with baby Jesus

We are looking for special donors of $500 or more whose names will be placed on a plaque attached to it.

Questions: please call us at 623-849-3131


Legion of Mary Ministry

Jan 21 6:30pm

at St. Augustine Catholic Church in room 2

To join the Bilingual Group, contact Fernando Lopez, or 623-628-4044.