Office & Mass Times

Monday - Thursday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm (Noon)

Jan 20 - Saturday
4:30 pm Mass (Vigil Mass, English)
6:00 pm Mass (Vigil Mass, Español)
Jan 21 - Sunday
7:00 am Mass (Español)
9:00 am Mass (English)
11:00 am Mass (Español)
1:00 pm Mass (Español)
5:00 pm Mass (Español)
7:00 pm Mass (Español)
Jan 22 - Monday
8:30 am Mass
Jan 23 - Tuesday
8:30 am Mass
6:00 pm Mass
Jan 24 - Wednesday
8:30 am Mass
6:00 pm Mass (Español)
Jan 25 - Thursday
8:30 am Mass
6:00 pm Mass (Español)
Jan 26 - Friday
8:30 am Mass


From the Pastor

Happy New Year!

01-01-2018Fr. Carlos A. Gomez-Rivera

Dear Family in Christ;

A NEW YEAR HAS BEGAN…now we have the opportunity to take advantage of our present days. Every single day and those of the future are a gift from God so we can make them productive, to do something good to ourselves and to others. Every day, we should do well to others, we should work in forgiveness and peace among us. This world needs you and me, needs every single one of us to transform our surroundings.

Our parish community has becoming strong by your dedication and faith. There are more families who has been adding to the parish seeking for God. We are responsible to help them to find God.


Upcoming Events

Arizona for Life - Marcha por la Vida
Jan 20 11:00am - 2:00pm

Will you be the voice?! Join thousands of Arizonans to celebrate the gift of life as we march in one step and speak with one voice for the unborn. Food, live music, and inspiration!

For more information, visit

VIII Congreso Annual Movimiento Llama de Amor
Feb 10 7:00am - 6:00pm

  • Parroquia San Vicente de Paul
  • Donación: $7 por persona (Desayuno & comida incluida)

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